Speakers include key opinion leaders in the legislative, regulatory, academic and business sectors within the cannabis industry. 

Keynote Speaker


Andrew Kline

National Cannabis Industry Association

Kline serves as the Director of Public Policy at the National Cannabis Industry Association.  In addition to extensive experience working on behalf of the legal cannabis industry, Kline’s impressive professional background includes oversight and advisory roles in the FCC and the Obama Administration, as well as a stint as an Assistant U.S. Attorney.  

Additional Speakers


Deborah Attwood

Steptoe & Johnson LLP

Atwood is an associate at Steptoe & Johnson LLP. She works with businesses throughout the supply chain, helping them with global legal and regulatory compliance activities for human and pet food, animal feed, packaging, dietary supplements, cosmetics, medical devices, and over-the-counter drugs. 


Walter Berghahn

Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council

Walter is the Executive Director at the Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council. Additionally, he serves as the President at  SmartRmeds for Life.


Dr. Laura Bix

Michigan State University  

Dr. Bix is a Professor at the School of Packaging at Michigan State University. She has served as an expert to international and national panels convened by ISO, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) and the Gertontological Society of America (GSA). 


Jair Calixto

Sindusfarma Brazil

 Calixto is the Technical Affairs and Innovation Director at Sindusfarma Brazil. Calixto has nearly 30 years of experience in the quality assurance and control, product development, and manufacturing of cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging. 


Chris Coggan

  California Cannabis Industry Association 

 Coggan is the Founder and CEO of Therapy Crafted Brands, which includes Therapy Tonics & Provisions, a cannabis-infused beverage company that creates innovative, healthy alternatives to traditional ways of consuming marijuana for medical and therapeutic purposes. He also runs Therapy Pure Essentials, a hemp-infused products company that provides tinctures, topicals and pure hemp oil throughout the U.S. 


Dan Johnson

Rochester Institute of Technology 

Johnson is the Department Chair for the Department of Packaging Science at Rochester Institute of Technology’s (RIT) College of Engineering Technology. 


Jaime Lewis

  NEO Alternatives/Root 66/Coldwater Consulting

Jaime Lewis is currently the Vice President of Operations for NEO Alternatives/Root 66 and operates Coldwater Consulting, a multi-disciplinary Cannabis Consulting firm. A fifteen-year veteran of the Medical/Adult Use Cannabis Industry, Jaime has actively participated in the regulatory processes surrounding packaging and labeling via her leadership roles in professional trade organizations and involvement in regulatory work groups at the local, state and national level. 


Raquel Marcolongo

Brazilian Heath Regulatory Agency (Anvisa)  

Raquel is a pharmacist with a masters degree in pharmaceutical sciences. She has been working for the Brazilian Heath Regulatory Agency (Anvisa) for over 11 years and for the past 6 years in the office of herbal drug products, in which is deputy manager. She also has experience in regulatory affairs in the pharmaceutical industry. 


Dave McLain

 Sustainable Packaging Coalition  

Dave began his career in packaging in Printpack’s 

Rigid Division in late 2004. He has since held various operations roles, eventually spending several years in Marketing and Sales focused on Printpack’s PE business and Sustainability. Dave has also served as a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s Executive Committee and the Plastics Industry Association’s Sustainability Advisory Board. He now leads Printpack’s efforts to help customers realize a more sustainable future.


Blue Quisquis

 National Native American Cannabis Association

Blue Quisquis is the CEO/Founder of SINC IT/Native American Cannabis Industry Consultant.    


Tony Radoszewski

Plastics Industry Association 

Radoszewski is the president and CEO of the Plastics Industry Association. Formerly Radoszewski of the Plastics Pipe Institute. During his 13-year tenure there, he led efforts that dramatically increased membership, enhanced member services, improved cash flow and profitability for the association while also strengthening relationships with key stakeholders, including government. 


Kim Simms

The Law Office of Kimberly R. Simms

 Simms is a legal advisor, speaker and trusted media source on cannabis law. As a cannabis law expert and attorney, Simms provides legal representation, education and advocacy to medical marijuana patients as well as businesses that provide services to the medical marijuana community. She also assists cannabis clients in business formation and ensures compliance with regulations. 


Frederick A. Stearns

Keller & Heckman LLP

Stearns is a partner in the law firm of Keller and Heckman LLP's Washington, DC office. For the past 26 years he has worked on a wide range of FDA regulatory issues facing manufacturers of prescription and OTC drugs, medical devices, food, dietary supplements, and cosmetics. 


Richard Ward

  Perritt Laboratories

Richard A. Ward, CPP is Vice President of the Child-Resistant Package Testing Group at Perritt Laboratories. An active member of numerous professional and global standards organizations, he frequently provides presentations on the current regulatory or standards status of protocols related to Child-Resistant Packaging.


Lori Yaphe-Delisle

 Tourmaline Enterprises 

Lori Yaphe-Delisle is the President and Chief Visionary of Tourmaline Enterprises. Tourmaline specializes in manufacturing and distribution of Thermal Inkjet Printers, Continuous Inkjet and Supplies to the Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, and Cannabis industries among others. After losing her husband in early 2015 to cancer, and having medically treating him with cannabis Yaphe-Delisle felt the need for a packaging expert in designing and developing production lines in the industry was sorely needed and entered the market that Spring.  


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