About The Cannabis Packaging Summit

A First Step in the Final Mile

From the start the goal of the Cannabis Packaging Summit was clear: Bring the rapidly expanding cannabis industry together with the nation's well-established networks of packaging providers to help "close the final gap" in understanding between the two markets. Although there were numerous cannabis events of all shapes and sizes, none were exclusively focused on fostering a better understanding of the unique challenges involved with packaging cannabis products in North America. Thus, the Cannabis Packaging Summit was born.

To bring this event to life,  Peter Schmitt (of the packaging consulting firm Montesino & Associates) partnered with Jim Gorab, (of the  marketing and public relations firm Turchette) and then founded Cannabis-Pack LLC. Together they developed a name for the new show, along with a logo, brand launch elements, a list of potential speakers and a promotional plan for launching the inaugural event in early 2020. 

The Cannabis Packaging Summit was intended to bring non-commercial content from key industry speakers directly to a high-level audience of interested delegates. Its secondary goal was to allow for networking time between cannabis professionals and packaging solutions providers so that a more defined understanding of the emerging business landscape could evolve. 


Peter Schmitt


 Managing Partner &  Founder

Montesino & Associates

Jim Gorab



Turchette Brand Marketing &

 Public Relations


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